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I received an email about two weeks or so ago from a young lady called Manali asking me if I could teach her how to make some money online by writing blog reviews on her blog.

Although a lot of blogs, that offer you articles about how to make money online, will happily publish posts about how to monetize your blog with adverts from networks such as Adsense, Widget Bucks, etc, but not many of them show you other legitimate ways.

Well there are other ways and today I shall explore one way that I have been using to earn money for the past couple of months now. It is not easy to get started though and to be honest there is no such thing as a free meal, you only earn money online if you are prepared to put in the effort.

Old Fashioned Advertising

In the old days when someone wanted to promote their latest product, website or service they would have to approach a website or ad network and buy advertising space, this can be expensive and there is no guarantee that people will even look at your product.

Now there is a new way and it is called Blog Reviews.

It works like this, you sign up to one of the networks that you will find listed below (the more you sign up to the more money you can potentially make) and then you put in bids for the offers that are available.

If accepted you are given a certain amount of time to complete the review and then you must post it on your blog and then the advertiser will view your blog post and if everything is in order then you get paid.

The reason advertisers like this is because they normally work with high traffic blogs and they know their review will be read by your readers and indexed in search engines such as Google.


To earn money with the following networks you will need a PayPal account. PayPal is an easy way for companies to pay you over the internet. It is very safe and very secure and makes life so much easier for both you and the networks.

Simply follow the ink below to get a free account today.

Sponsored Reviews

This is currently my favourite review network site and the one that I recommend the most to people who contact me asking for advice, it is also the network that I earn the most from. They always have plenty of reviews to bid on and they add more every single day.

The only bad thing I know about Sponsored Review is that they do take a 35% cut from every review so if you do a $5.00 review they will take a $1.75 from it.

The good news though is that they pay you every two weeks.


– Blog must be 3 months old.
– PayPal account.

Pay Per Post

Pay Per Post is another of my favourite networks as it generates the second most money for me.

They have hundreds of opportunities but be warned that it is bloody difficult to get accepted, I was declined five times!


– Blog must be 90 days old.
– No gap of more than 30 days.
– Content must be original.
– PayPal account.


I like Smorty, they run a nice ranking system (or Smorty Score as they cutely call it) which means the higher your score is then you will be able to obtain review offers with higher prices.

The only problem with Smorty is that their review offers are not regular and when they do post the offers you have to be very quick as they get snapped up almost within seconds.

One of the more attractive features about Smorty is that they pay you at the end of every week, every Friday any money I am owed is sent to my PayPal account.


– Must have content.
– Must be indexed in Google.
– Must be on a proper domain.
– PayPal account


Blogvertise is a nice little network but it will not earn you as much as the other networks will. Basically they email you with offers and if everything is OK they pay you 30 days later.

Not as attractive as the others who pay every week or every two weeks but still handy to earn a little bit of money.

Review Me

review Me works a little bit differently from the others. The difference is that advertisers contact you instead of the other way around. There are some opportunities now and again to bid on small reviews but these do not come along very often.

This is better for those of you that have very high traffic blogs, johnchow.com demands $400 per review and does several of these a week.

Payment is slow with Review Me, they pay out at the beginning of every month.

Buy Blog review

This is a new network on the market and I was only accepted this morning so I have not yet had an opportunity to test them out yet but from what I have heard they appear to b a decent outfit with sound ideas.

Must be worth looking into though.

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