Don’t Go Overboard With Reviews

It is rather easy to go overboard when you first have your blogs approved on the review networks. You see all those nice enticing offers waiting to be taken and you want them all, and you certainly don’t want someone else gobbling them all up before you.

If you do go mad, and start plastering your blog with too many review posts, then sooner rather than later you shall feel the wrath of the mighty Google overlord who will smite you down with great vengeance and you will soon find your PageRank has disappeared and lack of review offers will soon follow.

Trust me, I learned this out the hard way. I did the whole posting review after review and eventually I lost my PR1 & PR2 status on this blog and my personal blog. That was over a year ago and even though I have mended my ways I am still waiting for Google to forgive my past sins.

But there are some steps that you can take to try and prevent Google from bitch-slapping your PageRank out of your hand.

Don’t Let Your Eyes Become Bigger Than Your Belly

Do you remember when you was a child and you would eat so much food because it was there and you would end up with a bellyache that seemed to last forever (but only really lasted an hour or two)?

When you harvest all of the review offers from the networks you are doing the same thing as you did when you was a child, only the bellyache is nowhere near as painful as Google taking your PR away from you.

Pace yourself. So what if you don’t get to write that offer about an Asian casino or the latest acne cream? it was only worth $5.00 and what is $5.00 if it means you can continue writing reviews at a steady pace for years to come?

Non-Review Posts Are Just As Important

The general rule of thumb is that for every review post that you publish then you should also publish three non-review posts to help balance your blog out. It is thought that Google will not be so hard if you keep a decent ratio.

Mix Them Up A Bit

I always try and mix up the review posts and the non-review posts so that there is never two review posts on the front page, never mind next to each other. Having review posts next to each other will get you booted out of some of the big networks.

Try & Disguise Your Review Posts

Not many people can achieve it (I certainly can’t), but if you can write your review post and disguise it so that it is very difficult to tell if the post is a review post or a non-review post then this is something that will help you hold on to your PR.

If you keep some sense then you will be able to earn decent money by writing blog reviews. Just remember it is not how fast you run but how far you can run.

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