Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Is A Good Idea

I moved into a new flat at the beginning of March and I discovered that the lady who lived there before me had racked up a huge amount of debts. You name the company and she had run up a bill with them and disappeared without a trace.

Phone bills, electricity bills, gas bills, credit card bills, loan bills, catalogue bill, rent bills, parking fine bills; she had even run up a bill with the local corner shop.

In total she disappeared in the middle of the night owing a staggering £15,000 (that’s just shy of $30,000).

Naturally this has caused me a lot of problems. When I moved to the new address I had to persuade Sky TV that I was just moving my account with them to a new address because she had run up a huge bill with them. I even had to beg British Telecom to let me switch my account to the new address because she has run up a bill with them as well.

Even Some seven months later I am still getting threatening letters addressed to her and bailiffs calling to collect the money that she owes. No matter how many times I tell them she has moved they still keep sending the letters and sending the bailiffs round.

I had never had a credit card before and when I was due to move to the new flat I had decided that I was going to apply for one. Obviously my applications are being shut down at the first hurdle because of the amount of money she owed while living at the flat.

I was about to give up hope until recently when a very close friend of mine suggested that I might try and apply for credit cards for bad credit credit users. These are credit cards that are designed for people with a history of bad credit.

Now strictly speaking I don’t have a bad credit history but the flat I’m living in does, so I guess if I want to have any chance of obtaining a credit card then this is the route I will have to go down.

The only real difference between these types of credit cards and the ones you see advertised on the TV are that these credit cards come with a higher rate of interest, to help protect the company I imagine.

It’s still better than nothing though.

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

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