CPMLeader: Certainly not When it Comes to Advertising

I recently wrote about my experiences with CPMLeader as a publisher and thought that I would now write about my experiences with the same company from the advertiser side. I received an email from them apologising about a bit of down time and they compensated everyone by giving us all $5 free advertising credit. Sounds good but then I noticed the lowest package they had was for $10.00 (nice marketing ploy).

I topped up the additional $5.00 and thought I’d give it a go as I would only be investing $5.00. I plucked for their $10.00 package which would give me 20,000 impressions; I created a banner and purchased the package. It took less than 12 hours for the 20,000 impressions to be used up.

CPMLeader does not offer any stat reporting for the advertiser side either so I had to visit my Google Analytic account and saw that those 20,000 impressions had generated a grand total of 4 (FOUR) clicks to this blog – that means that each click was about $2.50.

I won’t be doing it again with this network, I’m sure someone with a different niche might have better luck but it obviously isn’t the right one for me and this blog.

My search continues.

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