Charging To Remove Sponsored Links?

Since Google unleashed Panda & Penguin upon us (At this specific second I can not remember which one came first) I have received quite a few emails from people who I have done business within in the past by writing sponsored posts on this blog and my other smaller blogs.

They have all asked me to remove the sponsored links that I inserted into posts on my blogs so that they can try and regain their footing in the Google SERPS again. Some have even asked me to delete the actual post completely.

Now I can fully understand why they are doing this, and I appreciate that it must take them a long time to dig into the Google search results and painfully pick out all the blogs that were paid to display their links, but there is something else to think about here.

If you complete these via a network like Sponsored Reviews or PayPerPost then when you sign up you are agreeing to keep the link(s) and post(s) on your blog(s) PERMINENTLY. That means you are not allowed to remove them.

I received an email two months ago asking me to remove the links they had on my blog, I quickly did what they asked and thought nothing more as the post was over three years old. Within a day I had been contacted by the network I had got the gig through notifying me that they had spotted it and deducted the amount I was paid from it from my next scheduled payment.

So I am now reluctant to just delete the links because it costs me money.


I was reading the excellent blog of Mark AKA Finance Dad and he hit upon a novel idea, charge them to remove the links.

I’m not talking about holding them to ransom, just enough to cover the amount that the networks will take from me. I’m thinking about something like $10.00 per link.

What do you guys think about this?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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