The Pop-Up Ad Experiment Is Over

On February 1st I decided to launch a test that would last the entire month of February. The plan was to place pop-up advertising on this blog (as well as my personal blog at Dean Saliba Dot Com) and gauge the reaction of people by getting them to post how they felt about pop-up advertising. Sadly the experiment has only lasted six and …

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Why Do You Hate Pop-up Advertising?

Do people who use the internet really hate pop-up advertising as much as is being published or has the whole matter been blown out of all proportion? This is something that I have wondered for a very long time (ever since I emerged onto the internet back in 2001) and I think it is about time that I found out …

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adbrite theory

I have been using Adbrite for about a year now and, apart from the ads that I had on Football Reloaded, I have struggled to make any real money with them. I admit I have not been trying that hard because I was more concerned about making Google Adsense work. But now I have decided to see just if it …

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