Can You Earn A Living In Your Underwear?

Obviously the answer is yes if you’re prepared to be a Vegas show girl or Calvin Klein model, but these gigs aren’t exactly easy to get and also require you as a rule to not eat cake in large quantities. So what options are available? Well, since the dawn of the internet those with an aversion to getting dressed have been able to make a bit of cash while sat at home in their intimates. Here a few ways that could be successful for you…


Blogging contrary to popular belief isn’t just about starting a blog and then getting paid to maintain it. There are literally millions of blogs and only a tiny percentage will ever make any money, even fewer that will make their owners a living. However it is possible. With a bit of net know-how, a willingness to be committed and get involved with an online community you can get there. And it can all be done in your pants. Apart from the blogger meet-ups that is. You will need to dress for those.

Affiliate Marketing

This is similar to blogging but less dependent on creating relationships and connections. Essentially you set up a site that promotes another company’s products and gain a commission on sales. It’s going to mostly be about getting yourself into the Google rankings and making your site efficient, user-friendly and super effective. Not easy by any stretch. But everything you need to do can be done from the solitude of a back bedroom. Sweet.


Thanks to the net freelancing is no longer about travelling and meeting people. Have you got a skill that results in a product that can be emailed? If the answer is yes you can do it from home. Think along the lines of design, copywriting, illustration and so forth. You’ll need a website that basically states what you do, has a portfolio and lets people know how to get in touch. It’s then a case of promoting yourself where you can to try and secure the work.


Is eBay a valid way to make cash? Absolutely, though it does involve trips to the post office, so you will have to at least put on a dressing gown. Deciding what to sell is tricky, it’s all about finding a niche. If you can’t see an opportunity then just begin with something you’re passionate about. If you start trading in comics, antique guns or novels by Hemmingway, because you love them then it’s likely to be fun as well as having the potential to be a little earner.


This might not be the most interesting or well-paid online profession, but there is no end of marketing companies and agencies eager to know all sorts of things about the web. If you’re internet savvy then you can find this stuff out for them, or at the very least collect data on it, which they can then analyse. You could also become part of an online focus group. If you can get in with the right networks and become a valued and active member you’ll be surprised at the opportunities that come your way.

There you have it. The day job conducted in sleepwear can be yours, though it’s going to take time and effort, however the joy of firing off emails in nothing but your pjs should not be underestimated!

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

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