BlogToProfit Are A Bit Like Buses

Updated: 11/02/09: I updated the amount I have earned with this network.

I have been part of the BlogToProfit network since February 15th 2008 which makes it one of the first networks that I joined, although it did take them a fair amount of time to evaluate my blog and they only did that because I emailed them to remind them about it.

When I was accepted I was immediately given five offers to be getting on with. Each one was to consist of about 200 words and include one single link, I would be paid $5.00 per review which meant I would earn a nice $25.00 straight off the bat.

Sadly I had to wait a further two months before they again offered me a group of five offers, each paying $5.00 and consisting of 200 words & 1 link. Since April 30th 2008 I have not received a single offer from them.

Payment is nice and quick. Some networks now pay monthly but BlogToProfit pay weekly so you are not left waiting around for any money you have earned. As long as you remember input in your Pay Pal username then you’ll receive payment with no problems.

The topic of the offers might not match your blog topic, to be honest I’ll be surprised if you find an offer that does come close to your blog topic as most of the offers tend to be about various plastic surgery procedures and retirement homes.

Good Points

– They are not obsessed with PR and will happily take on PR0 blogs.
– They pay weekly.
– They have a referral system.

Bad Points

– They can take a while to approve your blog.
– They do not have a lot of offers & you may find yourself going months on end without one.
– Most of the offers are about plastic surgery procedures.

If you are happy to write about plastic surgery then I think you might like this small network.

Total Earned: $84.00
Rating: 4/10
URL: [Dead]

When signing up please enter as the referrer. :*/

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