Blogitive Throw Around False Accusations Of Theft

A couple of weeks ago I found out that I had been unceremoniously kicked out of the Blogitive network and banned from using it. I had no idea why as I had received no communication about this at all.

They refused to answer any of my emails and I had to resort to throwing a public tantrum on my Twitter account before one of their employee (who I had tagged in the rant), from another department, offered to pass on my emails to them.

They eventually replied to me and accused me of stealing reviews, submitting them to their network and passing them off as my own. But as it was my first offense they would take pity on me and let me back in just this once.

No apology though.

As you can imagine I was outraged and fired off an email insisting that I was innocent and urging them to send me proof that I was a thief. I may be a terrible writer, but I would certainly not contemplate stealing content from anybody.

Of course I heard nothing back so I fired off a second email and I also emailed the person from the other department. Within hours I had received an email back from Chelsea Parry:

Yes, that is what I said.

We usually suspend Blogitive accounts for one of two reasons, the first being that you posted duplicate content, the second being that you repeatedly re-submitted a post to our system intentionally without correcting it.

We do not keep a record of why bloggers are banned so I cannot tell you with certainty what the problem was. It is indeed possible that you were banned by accident but not very likely.

So what I am taking away from this is that they are accusing me of stealing and submitting duplicate reviews (the second option has never happened to me) but refuse to put forward any proof to back up their allegation?

This experience has left me with a rather bad taste in my mouth. I think after they approve my latest collection of articles I will not be using them any more. Which is shame because apart from throwing around (false) accusations of theft and plagiarism I actually looked upon them as an OK company.

Oh hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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