Blogging Ads: High Standard In Sponsored Posting

Blogging Ads are probably one blog review network that you might not have heard about up until now. This is due in a large part to the fact that not many blogs write reviews for them or plug their network.

For the majority of bloggers, who take part in sponsored reviews, Blogging Ads does not do much (if anything) to help them make any money. This is because these bloggers have blogs with Page Rank 0 and Blogging Ads will only offer you review opportunities if you have a Page Rank 1 or higher blog.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, it filters out all the low quality blogs and the blogs that are stuffed full of sponsored reviews and not very much else.

I currently have three blogs approved. Two of them were approved over a year ago when they had Page Ranks of 2 and 3 respectively but I have never received any review opportunities and now that they have dropped to Page Rank 0 I’m unlikely to get any in the near future.

But the third blog I have listed with them is a Page Rank 1 and that one does get opportunities. In fact as I write this I have completed and received payment for three review opportunities.

Blogging Ads are incredibly picky about which blogs they accept, just because you have a Page Rank does not mean you will automatically get in. Their standards are very high so that advertisers will be encouraged to use them over the other networks.

I’ve found that the reviews tend to be about business rather than products, events or web sites. They mainly seem to be about plumber business in the United States. This makes a change from the normal credit card and sex type reviews.

They pay are roughly 30 days which is something that has always been a pet peeve of mine, but I can understand why a lot of networks do this. They do it to stop people removing the posts.

Good Points

– Have high standards to filter out the low quality blogs.
– They don’t insist on a minimum payout.

Bad Points

– Payout is monthly.
– Opportunities can be far and few between.
– Can be rather pedantic When approving reviews.
– They limit how many reviews you can do in a month for them (three I think)

How Can They Improve?

Obviously I would like to see some more review opportunities and a removal, or at least an increment, in the amount of reviews you are allowed to do in a month. I don’t think three is a very good limit.

I’d also like to see the implementation of an auto system where you can choose to be emailed when new review opportunities are available. Having to manually log in several times a day to check can be rather time consuming.

I think they could increase their business if they installed some kind of a referral system. Bloggers would then write more about the network in order to encourage their readers to join up.

Final Thought

Although you might not make a lot of money with Blogging Ads, I do believe that they are worth joining if you are looking to gather a small collection of networks to earn a little bit of money from each of them to add it all together at the end of the month.

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