Bloggerwave Worked For Me

Bloggerwave are another small time network that don’t really offer their members a lot of offers, you only have to look at their ‘Top Dog Blogger’ board to find that the person who has earned the most from Bloggerwave is a ‘Flora Earl’ with a grand total of $350. (I’ve since been informed that this table is unreliable)

Although you might not get regular work with this particular network, they do offer decent amounts of money for a review, out of the 11 that I have done for them I was only paid below $10.00 twice (both for $6.00).

When Bloggerwave first started back in 2007 there was a problem with PayPal freezing their assets and refusing to pass the money onto the bloggers who had earned it. This stuck in the throat of many bloggers who immediately screamed that the company were a scam and blamed Bloggerwave for the problem.

Even to this day there are a lot of bloggers who refuse to even talk about Bloggerwave because they are convinced they are a scam company. It is worth pointing out that these people are the ones who signed up to Bloggerwave and expected to make thousands of pounds from one network.

I have been with them for several months now and have completed 11 reviews for them (a 12th was rejected) and was paid on time and I did not have to chase them for the money that they owed me.

Good Points

  • Don’t offer silly prices.
  • Will accept most blogs other networks don’t.
  • Have not offered me any acne or diet pill reviews yet.

Bad Points

  • Not regular offers.
  • Takes 30 days to pay you.
  • Can drag their heels when approving your blog.
  • Turned a lot of people away with their teething troubles in the beginning.

If you are looking for a network that can make you a lot of money then Bloggerwave probably isn’t going to be of any use to you. But if you are like me and have a number of small networks all offering reviews from time to time to add to the money you make with the bigger boys then Bloggerwave could be just right for you.

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