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The roads to revenue in affiliate marketing vary. Google’s AdSense is one of those roads, more like a 6-lane highway though, to profits. Some have said that it’s merely a pay-per-click (PPC) model, and it could require multiple ‘clicks’ to make up for one sale on your site. Yes, that might be true.

However, not every site is created with the same vision and with the same intent.

Some sites are created for a purpose other than selling a cell phone, computer software, or a service of some sort. There are sites that are developed for the sole purpose of informing their readers, such as blogs or sites for reviews.

I want to talk about blogs for a moment. Just recently I created some backlinking for Joan Mylchreest, owner of Joan worked in sales for several years in an interior design business. Unfortunately, they went bankrupt and she needed to find something else. She turned that disaster into an opportunity, realizing she had information that readers want to read up on…interior design.

Joan took her wealth of knowledge and put it into a website, her own.

A Simple and Professional Start

However, we are putting the cart before the horse, if you don’t have the proper setting for all your knowledge…the website.

Do you have an existing website that can actually work FOR you, while you concentrate on other areas, such as content? WordPress is a wonderful tool in creating a professional site that will provide functionality, not just a pretty face.

The many plugins and themes they have to offer will take a lot of the work out of not only creating the site, but maintaining it as well. For example, the ad management plugin will remove expired ads off your site while you sleep. Maybe not literally, but the point is it does it for you, automatically.

There are many other tools to help you with your site, to free up your time to do research, content development, and communicate with your visitors.

WordPress can easily take your site to a professional level, and quickly. It can lead you through the easy process and show you how to create a website, to showcase all your hard work.

Using a Broad Target not always Effective

Keywords and keyword phrases are important if you want to work with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your main keyword, or keyword phrase, should be worked into the domain name for best results. For example, ‘wall décor’ is placed directly in Joan’s However, that reaches a very broad audience, as wall décor could range from paintings, to a moose head.

If you’re selling mirrors, then ‘wall décor’ would most likely waste a lot of time for the readers, and possibly yourself, if they leave comments.

In Contrast…

You might have a blog, or a ‘review site’, which is offering information, rather than a product or service. If that is the case, then you will want to bring in an abundance of traffic. This is especially true if you are going to use AdSense, the PPC model mentioned in the beginning.

AdSense loves content that is well-written, with well-placed keywords and phrases. The advertisers who purchase through AdSense will benefit significantly through visitors who read your content and follow your links. And, the favor is returned to you by AdSense in proceeds.

It’s a painless and easy process for all involved. Your pages will be scanned by AdSense for the keywords purchased by the advertisers. Keywords can easily be added to all your content. However if you want to reach new levels, read on…

Minimalist Tips for Maximum Benefits

If you are planning on creating a new website, or adding more content, look to every page as if it were the only one. You will have substantial help from Google, such as a higher ranking, and more proceeds from advertising, if done properly. The following tips should get you noticed, in a positive way:

  • Page Title: Place the keyword/phrase right in your page title.
  • Meta Description: This is another area that your keyword should be placed. Google will most likely place this description right under your link. It consists of 160 characters, so make it pack a punch. Otherwise, Google will simply grab the first 160 characters from your initial content, and that might not read the way you would want it to in short form.
  • Tags and Headlines: Pay careful attention to your headlines by placing the keywords into the h1, h2, and h3 tags.
  • Images: Google will direct traffic to your site through your images as well. So, make sure you put your keywords into your alt texts. This will help in bringing in relative visitors.
  • Placement: Placing keywords should be in a way that the flow of the article is not interrupted, but natural instead. It should be within the first 90 characters, as well as the ending paragraph. It can also be used within the body as long as it’s a natural fit, and doesn’t go over 2% in density.
  • Linking: An anchor text, with the proper keyword, allows for directing traffic to another site (external linking), while another one can direct readers to one of your other pages (internal linking). This will assist with SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

If these tips sound simple, it’s because they are. However, they will help your ranking, as well as your gains from AdSense, with the help of Google. They simply like well-written and relevant material.

One more thing before I close out…if AdSense is not for you, you would still benefit to follow these simple steps. It will lead to higher quality traffic, which in turn will lead to more ‘sales’.

Well, now that you know my thoughts on this, I would be interested in hearing yours. Please leave your comments in the box below.

Jason Monroe has been a freelance writer and Internet Marketer since 2003. He has the tools on how to create a website that is successful. Jason keeps up with the latest the industry has to offer through conferences, reading, and researching. He is now attempting his hand at search engine and social media.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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