Bidvertiser Offers Something That Adsense Doesn’t

Bidvertiser are quite possibly one of the most irritating advertising networks that I have ever had a business relationship with. Loads of people seemed to love them which is why I finally took the plunge a couple of years ago and opened an account with them.

They claim to offer contextual advertising, in other words they claim to display ads that are linked to the content on your site – just like Google Adsense. This is untrue however, as I have run their ad units on several blogs and the ads are always the same no matter what the topic of the blog is about.

The other thing that I dislike about Bidvertiser is that they pick and choose which clicks they want to pay out on and which ones they wish to ignore. I do not think this is a fair thing to do at all, if a click is not fraudulent then it should be paid out.

Nobody else seems to be annoyed by this though.

They do have a nice amount of sizes for their add units though, at least twice as many as Google Adsense have and you can give them various colour scheme and you can pick custom colours, something you could not do when I last used Google Adsense.

I do like their stance on paying out as well. If you wish to be paid by cheque then the minimum is $100 but if you wish to be paid via PayPal then it is a much lesser minimum of $10, Even Google Adsense doesn’t offer PayPal payments.

– Easy to be accepted
– Lots of sizes
– nice array of colours available
– $10 payout if you have PayPal

– They pick and choose which clicks they accept
– Their support is terrible
– Their ads are rarely of any use to your readers/visitors

You can join Bidvertiser by clicking this link

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