Benefits of Flyer Marketing

Offline marketing is a traditional way to promote your business. Whilst online marketing is vital in today’s business world, it is important not to leave out more traditional methods of promotion.

Flyers are a good way to market and sell your features, products and services, especially when used along with other methods of marketing. They help reach out to a wide ranging audience and can build awareness with consumers.

Using punchy text and creative imagery is how professional designers make flyers so successful. Using flyers to market your services or products is still a highly effective way to promote your brand and gain recognition. In turn, they can help convert enquiries into sales.

Its so important to ensure that do the job that they are intended to do – sell your business or services to a target market.

A well-designed flyer will work a poor design won’t do anything positive for your business, so it is vital to get this right first time.

  • Research Target Market
  • Design Flyers Professionally
  • Capture Audience With Attention Grabbing Headlines
  • Add Powerful Sales Copy
  • Creative Use of Colour

People tend to be attracted to visually appealing material that stands out from the rest.

Without art, flyers can appear bland and colourless giving people the chance of missing information contained within it.

After all, there is little benefit in adding simple text to a plain flyer, consumers these days demand more and are taken in more by colourful inspired design.

Don’t forget that the design of your flyer is as important as the text you include the selling ability of the flyer can be very powerful, so it needs to be noticeable. However, using creative colours doesn’t mean the flyer can’t be simple and sophisticated.

Add colour; in not only imagery and artwork, but in the background if you can.

Using colours that compliment your company logo or the product you are focussing on can be extremely effective, and reflects the image and reputation of your business.

Effectiveness of Artwork

Artwork is as important as the colours you will use in your flyer.

Enhancing any flyer with creative art and images can mean the difference between a person holding onto your flyer, or throwing it away before reading it.

As an example, an estate agency promoting new affordable homes may choose to add images of a room inside the house, and a couple standing at the front door. Using background images can help add colour behind the photographs, making it stand out even more.

In the same way, a venue promoting an event may choose to style their art to reflect the event, be it a music festival or a Mexican fiesta night.

And adding in your logo can help you build recognition, but make it small and leave enough room for photo’s, artwork and text copy.

Powerful Headlines & Content

Once your flyer has grabbed your audience, you need to attract them with headlines that shout, and sales copy that is informative.

Headlines are meant to lure the reader so that they are more likely to take in more of the information around them.

A catchy headline should be straight to the point “Two for One on X Shoe” is far better than “We’re having a sale this week”.

Once you have chosen good headlines and titles, create your content using relevant wording. If you are a professional company targeting high-end clients, then you need sophisticated wording and grammar.

In the same way, you may be promoting a street dance event you may wish to include more relaxed copy that fits in with the tone and theme of the occasion.

Always consider putting text into coloured boxes too. Making it stand out is key, but keep it tidy and don’t overdo the amount of text on the flyer as this can put many people off reading it altogether.

Call to Action

Always consider a “call to action” what do your readers need to do to get this hot product?

“Call us now on… ” or “Email us for your unique invite on… ” never forget to tell them what they need to do, because once they have decided they need your product, it would be silly to lose out on the sale if you haven’t made clear that they need to visit your premises or call / email you.

Flyers are a great way to enhance other types of marketing. By supporting your efforts with others, such as updating your website and including your promotion on other websites, newspapers or in the media, this advertising tool truly works.

Speak to us today about professional designs, inspired artwork and creative colour.

Geoff writes copy for a number of website design and printing companies, one being Minuteman Press in Bristol who have many years experience with high end, quality flyer printing at great costs. He also is head chief over at Clubnet Search Marketing, a UK based search marketing agency.

Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay

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