BackLink Genius Dropping PayPal for Moneybookers

I received an email this morning from Backlink Genius, one of the many websites that I do business with, with the email header Change of payout method in BackLinks Genius. I don’t like it when I receive emails from companies I work with mentioning a change in pay-out in the email header because it is ALWAYS bad news.

I took a deep breath and clicked the email open…

I’m not sure if it is good news or bad news but it certainly puts my nose out of joint slightly.

The email was informing me that as of this morning Backlink Genius would no longer be paying out using PayPal and would only pay-out using Moneybookers. They did not give a reason for this sudden change.

This is something that has been happening quite a few times this month, I think this is the FIFTH company, that I am involved with, this month that has taken this exact same approach.

The reason it put my nose out of joint is because I had so much trouble and strife trying to set up my PayPal account that I’m not looking forward to having to go through it all again with Moneybookers.

Plus I know absolutely nothing about Moneybookers, are they a reliable company to trust with my money and bank account details? Do any of my readers use Moneybooker? I live in the United Kingdom and would appreciate some feedback on them.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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