August 2008 Blog Income Report

Can anyone believe that we are already into the ninth month of the year? It seems like only last week that I was just turning 29, when in actual fact I shall be 30 in a couple of weeks!

Well you do not wish to know about my impending old age, you are here because it is the first of the month and you want to know if I can back up my claim of making money on the internet.

Page Impressions & Visitor Count

Page Views

Although I promised to put more effort into this blog (and there was an increase in postings) I still have not got my arse into gear, but for the month of September I shall be making a huge effort.

I was pleased to see an increase in pageviews again

This month the number stands at 6,729 which is a nice increase of 2,361 from last month.

Unique Visitors

Sadly although I saw a rise in pageviews the unique visitors has again fallen.

This month the number stands at 2,685, which is a decrease of 209.

This means that each visitor looked at an average of 2.5 pages each.

Number Crunching

Adbrite: $0.15 (-$0.07)
Adsense: $4.75 (-$4.95)
AdToll : $0.02 (new)
Clicksor: $1.86 (-$0.31)
Kontera: $0.02 (new)
Reviews: $272.51 (+$115.50)

Total: $267.57 (-$17.03)

Top Five Search Terms

I like this part of the monthly income report. It is amazing how people find my blog on search engines.

1. i need discipline
3. blog income report
5. specticles

Five Most Popular Posts

The five most popular articles in the last calendar month.

1. Premium Templates Make Your Blog Stand Out
2. July 2008 Blog Income Report
3. Pacific Poker Just Got Better
4. Custom Essays
5. 1 Down 18 To Go

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