Are Videos Sales Pages More Effective Than Traditional Sales Letters?

A sales letter is something that addresses the reader and sells the product. Most often it’s a bulk send out. Good content writing will try to sell a product or a service; a bank loan or a job offer so aggressively that people easily lose interest and in most cases, don’t even read the sales letter. The video has an edge that it can be more successful in catching the attention of the user with its shear audio – video format. Videos, moreover, have greater interest level and are more believable. It certainly takes more effort, but the effort pays off in most cases.

Video Ads for marketing:

Video ads can be of two types

  1. Video Ads That Auto Play
  2. Video Ads That Pre-Load Before The Content

The auto play ads are those which start playing the minute you log onto the site. The user then has to click select buttons to close the video, else the video keeps playing.

Obviously, nobody wants to see ads but when such an ad is playing, it does catch some amount of attention.

The second are the Pre-Load ads which are seen before the content plays or loads. Most file sharing sites and now, even YouTube presents these commercials – where the commercials play before your request. The users have no option, BUT to see your advertisement. Now, the plus is that, you can get across to them. The minus is that, well, no one likes to be forced into seeing stuff! Forcing the user can annoy him; but then again, if he likes the product, there are more chances of him making that purchase. The stakes are high both sides!

3. Click To Play Ads

These are again the genuine, less in-the-face types. The user has the option to click and play the ad if he’s interested. Else, he doesn’t. Chances here are that you might get lesser hits – but then again, those who click are more likely to convert. The bottom line is that, you are marketing through your videos.

4. Video In E-Mails

These are more like the sales letters with Videos. But the catch is that, you need to use a strong language that is assertive, impressive and believable because you don’t want the reader to think you are a spammer sending out viruses to attack their system or steal personal data.

5. Simple Uploads

Social sites like Dailymotion, Metacafe, YouTube and Vimeo offer a platform to upload videos. So, simply make your video, create a user account and add content. This will certainly be recorded by search engines, and at the same time, people looking for relevant content are more likely to come across your video for particular keywords. Over time, your videos can gain more popularity and consequently enhance your business.

Nevertheless, good – smart strategy is the only thing that works. Else, it’s quite easy to get typecast as spammers!

Divya writes on various segments of website development. She’s a passionate and regular blogger in areas of e-commerce, seo and link building and different internet marketing topics.

Image by Joshua_Willson from Pixabay

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