April 2013 Blog Income Report

April was the start of something that I have been talking about doing for the past couple of years, I finally got my act together and started to focus more on work. The kick up the backside has been a long time coming and although it wasn’t a major increase in hours it was definitely a good place to start and it certainly showed in my income.

April Highlights

Returning to guest posting – Guest posting was something that I started to back away from because I became disillusioned with the way that posters would disappear as soon as their articles were published and would leave me to reply to comments – sometimes on subjects I am not very knowledgeable about.

But I have decided to go back to it because although it was frustrating having to reply to the comments it did bring in a nice chunk of traffic and gave the blog a bit more content.

Visitor Count & Page Impressions

The unique visitor count for April stands at 949, which is a slight decrease of 71 from the month of March.

The page impression count for April stands at 2,185, which is a decrease of 227 from the month of March.

– I fully expect the traffic to increase next month now that I’m putting more effort in and accepting guest posts.

Show Me the Money

Clicksor = $0.26 (-$0.40)
CPMFun = $0.07 (+$0.01)
CPMLeader = $1.00 (NEW)
Fidelity Media (AdJuggler) = $0.30 (+$0.01)
Forum Posting = $19.85 (-$13.81)
Freelance Writing = $492.77 (+$4.20)
Loan Repayments = $0.75 (+$0.02)
Passive Income = $17.31 (+$1.58)
PulsePoint (AdsDaq) = $0.20 (-$0.07)
Smowtion = $0.13 (-$0.02)
Sponsored Posts = $109.20 (-$68.50)
Underdog Media = $0.00 (+/-$0.00)
Yahoo Bing Network = $10.20 (+$8.84)

Total = $652.04 (+$66.70)

– An increase of over $66 after putting in a couple of hours more a week is rather encouraging.

– CPMLeader is a new network that I have been working with and they paid me last week (minimum payout is $1).

– Yahoo Bing Network seem to be a very good replacement for Adsense and in April I earnt more than I did in about 3 or 4 months with Adsense. :)

Top Five Search Terms

I like this part of the monthly income report. It is amazing how people find this blog on search engines.

1. comment on blog income report
2. ineeddiscipline
3. credit cards for people with bad credit
4. my income report
5. best ways to get people to your face book page

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5 Top Site Referrals

The top five sites that sent the most visitors to this blog.

1. bloggerspassion.com
2. matthewwoodward.co.uk
3. myblogguest.com
4. facebook.com
5. selbstaendig-im-netz.de

– I was rather disappointed to see that Google and Bing are not in the list this month.

Top 10 Commenters

his is just my little way of saying thank you to the people who take the time to comment on this blog. Without you guys it would be just me rambling away. :)

1. Management Consulting Services (4)
2. Property Marbella (4)
3. Auto Insurance (3)
4. Colocation (3)
5. Forex Trading (3)
6. Golf Course (3)
7. Mohi @ gadget blog (3)
8. Seo Blog (3)
9. SuccessChaser (3)
10. Astrology (2)

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