April 2008 Blog Income Report

It is the first of the month and you know what this means at Dean Saliba Dot Com, that is correct, it means it is time for my infamous (OK two people like it and one person hates it!) Monthly Blog Report.

For anyone who is new to this blog I do this on the first day of every month to show how much money my blog has earned in the previous calendar month. This started out in November 2007 as a little project to see if it was at all possible to earn money on the internet without tricking or scamming money from people.

That first month (OK I started about two weeks into the month of November) yielded a poultry $4.67 and thankfully I have seen my monthly total rise since then in leaps and bounds. Remember I spend no money on this blog at al so whatever I get back is 100% profit. :)

Expanding With Other Blogs

Just a reminder that last month I opened up a new blog Wrestling Gazette and e so from now on all amounts from the three blogs will be added as one singe amount via this blog.

The I Need Discipline is actually where all my posts about making money are located so if you want to know how to earn money online that is the blog you should be checking out. :)

Page Impressions & Visitor Count

Over the past couple of months I have added graphs to show people how many visitors and impressions this blog has had in the previous month. The instability of the plugin that I use means that some months it will not produce graphs so I will no longer be using graph in my reports.

Page Views

Page views from March were my highest ever and I was hoping that this month would improve on that but sadly I could not quite match it an fell short by a couple of hundred.

This month the total stands at 17,614 which is a decrease from March of 1,326!

Unique Visitors

Page views were not the only thing to see a drop this past month, sadly the amount of visitors to the blog has declined in the same fashion. I am putting this down to the fact that it is the start of the summer season and people would rather be out than sitting at their computers reading blogs.

This month the total stands at 10,375 which is a decrease from March of 999! I find that kind of spooky!

Number Crunching

I was hoping to see an improvement in the amount of money that was coming through my three little blogs and this month I am pleased to announce that I have not only beaten the amount I pulled in during March but I have actually earned the most since this little project began!

Adsense: $1:30
Adbrite: $0.26
Clicksor: $50.00
Reviews: $247.06

Total: $298.62

It took me about two years but finally I made enough an Clicksor sent me a payment of $50.00. Clicksor is only good if you own a site with millions of traffic a month, they pay such low clicks.

I am hoping to beat the $300 barrier by the end of May!

Top Five Search Terms

This is fast becoming one of my favourite parts of the monthly blog income report. It amazes me what search terms people use in search engines to find my blog.

1. hot g vibe
2. hot g vibe review
3. matalan Dalston
4. herring podcast
5. hot g vibe reviews

The one search term that caught my eye this month has to be the one someone typed into Google.com “do you play with your bumhole?” showed my site as the fourth link in the first page.

“Shiny bum hole” is still my favourite find!

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