Adsdaq: A Reliable Network In An Unreliable Market

While there is no doubt about the fact that Google Adsense is the king of ad networks, their downside is that they only pay if someone clicks on one of your ad links. For most of us, who receive a low amount of clicks, this means we will be lucky to earn a Dollar every month.

What if you have quite a bit of traffic but not many of your visitors are willing to click on your ads? The answer comes in the form of an ad network like AdsDaq.

AdsDaq is a network that specialises in the CPM market. What this means is that that they will pay you for every 1,000 impressions that your site receives. This is so much better for blogs amongst us who receive good amounts of traffic but low clicks.

The control panel can be a rather daunting prospect at first glance but after a while it will become quite clear. The fact that they use words like “tag code” instead of ad code can also be confusing if you have not come across this meaning before.

I personally like this network because, unlike others, I have yet to see any suspicious ads that distribute malware or redirect to dodgy web sites. Well if there have been any I have not seem them and neither has any of my readers on the three blogs that run these ads.

The pay per 1,000 impressions can be quite low but I think that may be due to my specific blogs rather than the company. Other sites are having a lot more success with this network than I am.

Another feature I like is if you see an ad running that you don’t like then you can block that ad, and ads like that, from running again. You can pretty much filter what ads do and don’t show on your web site.

The advantage AdsDaq has over Adsense is that they offer a payout option via PayPal, this kind of thing can be very enticing to people like myself who don’t want to wait up to six weeks for a check to arrive.

They are certainly one of the more reliable companies on the market. I’d suggestion a two month trial will be the correct length to establish if they are right for you and your web site or not.


– Pays per 1,000 impressions.
– An option to block certain types of ads from showing
– They pay via PayPal, check and electric bank transfer


– The layout of the control panel can be confusing at first
– Payment can be low for quite a few categories
– Ads are not related to your site content.

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