Adbrite: The Poor Man’s Adsense?

Some people might take a look at the title of this blog post and come to the conclusion that it is going to be a negative review of this company. On the contrary, I’ve called it the poor man’s Adsense because that is what a lot of people refer to it as.

I first came across Adbrite about four years ago when I was unceremoniously banned and thrown out of Adsense for invalid clicks that were done by somebody that was not me. (I have no idea who it was to this day)

The first thing I like about Adbrite is that they will pretty much accept anyone as long as your site is legal and has some amount of traffic, they will even accept adult web sites which a lot of other companies steer well clear off.

There are some things that annoy me about Adbrite, for a start it takes at least three hours for them to start generating ads and you will see a notice on your site informing you of this. And even after this initial stage they might not find any for you for around 24 hours.

Secondly they are not always very good when it comes to showing adverts that are related in anyway shape or form to the content of your web site page. So you will find you have adverts advertising credit cards on a site about football or cancer.

The amount that they pay per click has dropped dramatically in the past year or so, so instead of receiving an average of $0.40 per click I’m lucky to see more than $0.02 per click. There are the odd $0.40 clicks but not very many of them.

There are other things that I dislike, such as they only pay American cheques and the issues of only having three ad unit sizes to pick from.

But if you are looking for an alternative to Adsense, and you don’t have a lot of traffic, then Adbrite could very well be a good stop gap measure until your traffic picks up and you can find a better network.


  • They accept pretty much anyone.
  • They pay CPM as well.


  • A lot of the time does not display relevant ads to your site
  • Pay per clicks has dropped incredibly low recently
  • They only pay via American cheque

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