A New Contender To The Throne?

Over the past six months or so I have started pointing people in the general direction of the various review networks that I am part of, I like to think that I have become something of an expert at knowing the best ones to deal with and the ones to steer clear from like the dreaded and infamous plague.

But I was put in my place today when I was told that I had missed a review network off my list. At first I thought the guy was having me on and was just trying to get one over on me, I was the king of knowing about these sites one could surely not have possibly found its way past my radar!

Alas (and I don’t admit this very often) I was wrong. I checked out the link and blow me down we have a new review network on the scene to add to the already impressive list we already have.

Paying Post is the name of the new game in town (in my eyes).

The first thing that hit me about the site was how nice the design looked and how fast it loads. Some of the others take an age to load up and some have absolutely terrible designs. So a big gold star right off the bat!

Once your blog is accepted you must add a piece of code to your blog and then you will be able to see what offers are open to your blog. they decide what offers you can bid on by looking at your Alexa ranking and your PR rank.

It does require you to have a minimum of $50.00 in your account before they pay out but I think this will encourage only serious bloggers, who want to make money blogging, to sign up to the site, which is a good thing.

They also have a very informative blog where you can find solutions to any problems you may have and they even post solutions to general blog problems like how to put links and images into your posts. They also have some interesting news items on the blog as well.

If you have not given Paying Post a go yet, or you have never heard of them before, then why not sign up and give them a whirl? If you don’t find any offers available to you then have no fear as they have an affiliate program and also can get people from your blog to buy a review from you through their Direct option.

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