£90 Down The Drain?

About seven months ago I was scheduled to go away for a weekend to Newhaven & Seaford. I signed up to Get Paid To in a bid to see if I could earn some extra money for me to spend while away for the three days.

At the time I thought to myself that even if I only made a tenner (£10.00) then at least that meant that I could take an extra £10.00 with me to spend on alcohol, drugs and whores (well just the alcohol).

I actually made £40.00 with them, they paid me a week before I was meant to leave which meant I had an extra £40.00 to spend down by the seaside. It meant I did not have to budget as badly as I thought I would and actually came back with a couple of quid in my pocket.

Since then I have not used them as much which is weird as they clearly helped me out of a hole. Two weeks ago I started using them again and filled in every form that I could lay my hands on with a passion, often staying up into the small hours of the night to complete them.

Including another company I had about £90.00 waiting to be cleared.

This evening I logged into my account and saw that despite following the rules of each advertiser every single offer had been declined and there was no reason given as to why this happened.

They only take support via their support ticket system which still has unanswered tickets from me dating back two weeks! So I checked out their forum and found many members in the same boat as me.

I have no idea what to do now. I can not do the offers again as my email has already been logged with the advertisers and you can only use the email address once. I have not managed to track down an email address to contact support so might have to either contact them through their ticket system, and hope they answer, or write this down to experience.

Rather annoyed right now.

Image by Jayne Simmons from Pixabay

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