9 Ideas To Earn An Income

There are many ways in which it is possible to earn an income on the World Wide Web these days, you could write a blog, sell products, you can even try running a dating website. Today’s article will try and offer you nine ideas to earn an income online

1. Product Blog

Pick a niche (subject) and then post on a regular basis about your chosen niche. Some niches are better than others (I suggest iPhone as a good starting point) so it is better to pick a niche that has longevity and wont fizzle out in a month or two (like a holiday niche).

2. Dating Website

Dating websites are a good money-earning opportunity due to the amount of people who are looking for their soul mate. These types of sites can be set up with a simple turnkey script but I do strongly suggest making your own template to stand out more.

3. Made for Adsense Website

If you do not care that owning a MFA site will see you labelled as scum then Made for Adsense might be an avenue for you to take. These sites are specifically made for Adsense adverts. You create a site, put up a bunch of pre-written articles, slap up some Adsense banners and hope and prey the money comes in.

These are low maintenance and a lot of people earning money online dislike them and their owners.

4. Affiliate Product Website

Are you good at selling products to people? This is a massive market but it is also the one that requires the most amount of work. You basically create a sales page and then drive as much traffic to your sales page as possible in the hope that visitors will read your sales page and wish to buy your product. There are many different things you could sell from car parts to sports merchandise to eggz shakerz.

5. Start A Forum

This is something that I have seen others do that has earned a nice amount of income. Pick a topic and build yourself a forum, I advise you to make sure it is a popular topic that people will want to sign up and talk about.

It will take a bit of time because you need to drive traffic to your forum and get people to sign up and post, once you get a decent-sized community going then the income should start arriving.

6. Arcade Site

This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time but have never got around to doing it as of yet. Everybody loves to play games, no matter what type of genre you are into there are plenty of games to keep you indulged for hours.

Although these kinds of sites can be highly popular they are also one of the most notoriously low-paying ways to make money as most people are so engrossed in playing that they pay no attention to the adverts.

There are a few sites around that offer full arcades for quite a reasonable price.

7. Design/Coding Service Site

Are you good at designing logos or websites? Do you have no problems getting to grips with coding? Then offering your services to other people may be a line of income for you.

This is a difficult niche to get into as most small sites want stuff done for free and the big ones who can afford to spend money have normally got their own designers and coders who they have been using for years.

8. File Hosting

This is a terribly competitive niche as there are many big sites fighting each other and it is very difficult to make some real money unless you happen to offer some innovate an quite unique features.

9. Web Directories

The one thing that websites and blogs want is traffic and part of our process to get traffic is to submit our sites to as many website directories as we can lay our grubby little hands on.

You can make money from advertising and selling premium listings, again this is a difficult thing to get started but once you get you self a reputation and decide which PR ratings you will accept then it will get easier.

Well there you have it, nine ideas, I do have more ideas which I will save for a second article sometime later on this week. If you do try any of these (or you have tried any of these) then I would be interested to hear if they worked for you or not. Feel free to post a comment letting us know your experiences.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

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