7 Ways to Make Money With Your Blog

If I received a Dollar from someone every time I was asked how they could make money online or with a blog then I would easily make enough money every month just from that so I could give up the rest of my money making methods.

The truth is you can make money in a number of different ways and none of them are really that difficult to put into action, you just need to put in time and effort and be patient.

1. Sell Banner Ad Space

Selling advertising space on your blog isn’t as challenging as you might think these days thanks to networks like BuySellAds who will sell your ad space for you and take a percentage of the revenue.

2. Publish Sponsored Posts

One of my personal favourite methods of making money online is sponsored posts, and that is because it is just so damn easy to achieve. You basically write posts and slip in a link or two to the client’s site. You can find a nice list of them here.

3. Review Products & Make Commission from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is BIG business online, you name it you will find business willing to pay you a share of revenue for selling it. The idea is you write articles about the product you are promoting and then insert affiliate links into them.

4. Sell eBooks

Thanks to the prices of kindles coming down selling eBooks has become VERY profitable, especially if you write them yourself.

5. Charge People to Access Your Content

Do you have content that is valuable? If it isn’t the kind of content that can be found on thousands of other blogs then you might think about charging a small fee for readers to get their hands on it. You’d do even better if you made videos as well.

6. Offer to Freelance Services

In the past year I have started branching out into freelance writing, it is VERY competitive but if you are eager to put in a lot of effort, and willing to drop your fee, then it can be a profitable market. It doesn’t have to be writing, it can be website building, graphic creating, etc.

7. Create and Sell T-shirts

Something you might not have thought about. Have you got a bit of an artistic hand? Do you think you could design some funky images to go on the front of a t-shirt? There are plenty of sites like CafePress, Etsy & Zazzle that help make the process easier by putting your images onto the t-shirts and sharing the revenue with you.

There are many other ways but these should give you some food for thought. Do you do any of these at the moment?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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