7 Networks That Will Pay You To Tweet On Twitter

I received a private message on the Digital Point message board this afternoon from a member of the board asking me if I could offer them some help in their bid to earn an income from Twitter. I had replied to an earlier post that they created asking for ways to make money online.

I was half way through replying to their private message when I thought that I could benefit my blog with this by turning it into a blog post.

Making money on Twitter is something that a lot of people have been trying to do in the past six months or so. A lot of the people doing it successfully are doing so by affiliate marketing. But for those of us who are not very good at that kind of selling there is another alternative.

There are a number of companies on the market who will offer to pay you for posting tweets on your Twitter accounts. Today I will show you seven networks that will pay you to tweet.


This is one that I have not tried yet. They seem to work in a similar way to Sponsored Tweets in which the advertisers approach you. Was easy enough to sign up with them and they are endorsed by big time bloggers so can’t be all bad.


The best way for me to tell you how I feel about the Magpie network would be to just say that I have been fighting with them, tooth and nail, to get my account unfrozen for about 6 months.

They froze me because I did too many ‘automated’ tweets.


This network I know very little about, apart from the fact that they have plenty of offers, they seem to be directed at American traffic and they only pay if someone clicks on the link in your tweet.

Ads are geo targeted though, most of them are only looking for American traffic so if someone from Germany clicks on one then they won’t be counted as a click. Great if you have a lot of American traffic.

Rev Twt

The first thing that I noticed about the web site is how badly their web site layout comes across. This is normally enough to put people off but if you look past that and dig a little further you will find they are actually a decent outfit. They pay per click and have limits on adverts where they only pay for clicks from people in certain countries to combat fraud.

The only downside is that the adverts are mainly about teeth whitening and other health-related products and not a lot of people seem willing to click on the links as they know they are adverts.

Sponsored Tweets

This is the brainchild of those clever folks over at IZEA, the same people behind the behemoth paid blogging network that we know as Pay-Per-Post. Although they are new they are on the rise as they have big bloggers like John Chow raving about earning $7,000 a day using them.

The layout is fantastic and very simple, I think they have about five pages on the admin panel and that is it.

The difference with this network however is that you do not look for ads, the advertisers actually seek you out. There are some guidelines that are in place to help you get more offers and to make sure the advertisers get good Twitter accounts.

  • Twitter account must be over 120 days old.
  • You should have some Tweets.
  • You should have a nice amount of followers.

From what I’ve read the more Tweets and followers you have the more the advertisers will look at you.


I think Twitads went under new management recently because they revamped their site, started showing offers again and increased the amount they pay for posting their ads. Admittedly I’ve only see offers promoting their own network but at around $3-$4 a tweet I’m not arguing.


These are another network that only pay out if someone clicks on a link in your tweet, but the nice thing here is they are not targeted to a few countries.

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