7 Common PPC Mistakes

Paid search advertising has numerous benefits, it provides an increase in traffic, leads and ROI and best of all it does this more quickly than organic search. However, many search marketers are simply throwing money down the drain with their PPC campaigns, making obvious mistakes that could be avoided. Here are just some of the most common:

  • Not tracking conversions. Possibly the most frustrating of all, failure to install the correct tracking software means you can’t track precisely which keywords and ads are leading to conversions. Without this information it will be extremely difficult to make progression and improvements to your campaign.
  • Not focusing attention on ad text. Although some still view this area as a lower priority stage, good quality ad text can make a significant difference to your overall campaign, and most importantly, in the way your users perceive you.
  • Not testing ads. Having made improvements to your ad text, and installed the relevant tracking software, your time and efforts could be rendered useless if you don’t test ads. Google AdWords gives you the opportunity to discover which approaches are most successful, so make sure you use them! Once you have found the combinations which work best, be sure to set your ad delivery to “optimise for conversions”.
  • Not using negative keywords. Being present in the search engines for irrelevant searches can cost you significant amounts of money. Not only will your click through rates be lower, but the cost of low quality clicks on your sites will be substantially higher, and using negative keywords can prevent this from happening.
  • No variation in landing pages. Too many people rely on their home page as their landing page, but in many cases, directing your audience to a more relevant, deeper page will be more effective. Any information or offers mentioned in your ad text should be visible within your landing page.
  • Bad geographic targeting. Not enough digital marketers apply enough consideration to the region of their campaign. If you only run a local business, make sure you only target the local and surrounding area. Targeting the entire country will only waste you serious amounts of cash.
  • Expect instant ROI. Yes paid search advertising offers much quicker results than SEO, and sometimes this impact can be almost instant, but not always! Too many people venturing into the world of paid search set up campaigns for just a month and then take them down not satisfied with the results. Not only could you be missing out on success that might be just around the corner, but you have effectively just wasted a month’s worth of marketing budget.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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