6 Ways To Kill Your Blog

I try to write articles that will help you make money online, drive traffic to your blog or improve your WordPress blog, but today I thought I would write a post about how to drive your readers and visitors away from your blog.

I know what you are thinking, you are thinking that I might just possibly have gone and lost my mind, but my reasoning behind writing this article is that, hopefully, you will be more weary of these errors and avoid doing them with your own blog.

1. Where Is That Noise Coming From?

There is nothing that frightens me more than visiting a web site, or a blog, and hearing an audio file being automatically played without me clicking on anything. In my opinion this is the worst thing you can do to kill your traffic. If I want to listen to something I’ll click on it myself.

2. Adverts As Far As The Eye Can See

Ah the old advert debate. Where does the balance lie? Some say a couple is enough, others say a couple is too many. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here , I think it is very much down to your own judgement. Have too many and it will distract from the content.

3. Me No Spell Good

This is something of a pet hate of mine. I am well aware that in some countries there are people who will not have English as their first language, and will no doubt find it a challenge, but with spell-checkers and the like there really is no excuse for bad spelling and horrible grammar. Nothing less appealing to me.

4. ImageImageImageImage

I am not alone here. I want to have your site load for me within about five seconds so I can have a look and then either decide to return or move on. Having lots of images and widgets that slow down the loading process will only mean people won’t wait around for your blog to load.

5. Jump These Hoops Before Commenting

Not only do I want people to visit the blog and read my content, but I also want them to take the time to leave a comment. Anybody can leave a comment on this blog, and the worst thing I can do is force people to register to leave a comment.

6. Look At The Dust On This Blog

Nothing will kill your readership and traffic more than never updating the content on your blog. I check out a blog a couple of times a week and if after a couple of weeks they have no new content then I find myself not coming back to check the blog out.

What would put you off visiting a blog again? Why not drop a comment and give your opinion?

Image by _Marion from Pixabay

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