6 Tips To Improve Your Blog Posts

I have no problem when it comes to thinking of subjects and topics to write about, the problem I have is putting my thoughts and ideas down on paper (or these days the computer screen). My writing has never really been that strong.

That is why I have come up with a list of six things that I hope will help me, and anybody reading this, to improve blog posts in the future. Each item has been said by many top bloggers and writers on the internet over the years.

1. The introduction has always been the part of the blog post that I stumble with. So I now leave it until last. Instead I get down to writing the meat of the content and then worry about starting it at the end.

2. Do not try and write a novel, your readers will soon become bored and move on and will probably never come back for fear of seeing more lecture-type posts. Keep your blog posts to a reasonable length of say, maybe, 1,000 words?

3. If you are writing about a product then try not to make it completely obvious that you are writing the post to make people buy the product. I fall foul of this all the time. I will try and write a review of the product in future.

4. My most popular posts on this blog are ones that tend to help my readers. Whether I show them how to earn money, how to improve their blogs or how to fix a problem with their blogs, I seem to have more success when I offer them something.

5. I have found that when I read posts by American bloggers a lot of them like to put most of their blog post into one huge long paragraph. This is incredibly annoying, don’t do it! I personally believe a decent paragraph should be at most four lines.

6. Always spell check your work. It is a pet hate of mine to find someone has made multiple spelling errors in a blog post. I know I’m guilty of a few mistakes but I can normally spot them before they are published.

I hope these have been of some use to you. Feel free to leave a comment with your own suggestions. I may even write a follow-up post quoting (and crediting) some of the better ones. :)

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