5 Ways To Entice More Comments On Your Blog

I have spoken quite a lot recently on this blog, and on message boards, about how important commenting on other blogs can be in order to drive traffic to your own blog. For this post I wanted to tip it around 90 degrees and talk about attracting comments to your own blog.

When you first created your blog, and started writing content, did you do what I used to do and keep checking your admin panel to see if anyone had left you a comment on one of your posts? How often did you use to check? I would check probably about once an hour.

I don’t know about you, but it used to drive me absolutely crazy.

It took me a good couple of months to go from watching my posts go without comments to thinking of ways to entice comments. I have listed five of those ways below.

1. Make Your Blog Do-Follow

This is something that I now do from day one with all my blogs. If you make your blog do-follow then it means when someone comments and they leave their web site URL then it will help them with their PR.

This encourages people to make comments better than anything else I have used.

2. Turn Off Your Spam Filter

If receiving tons of spam comments is not something you are concerned with then you could turn off any spam filter plugin you have running. I would not recommend this, but then again I do receive thousands of spam comment posts a day.

3. Install Top Commentator Or CommentLuv Plugin

If setting your blog to do-follow is something that does not appeal to you then why not install a couple of plugins like top commentator and CommentLuv? What these two plugins do is reward commentators for commenting by publishing a do-follow link to their web site.

4. Run A Competition

This is something that I have tried and found partial success with. You run a contest and people enter by leaving a comment. It is as simple as that. You’ll be surprised how many people will comment when prizes are on the line.

The only drawback to this is that you will find lots of comments like “put my name down”, “I’m in” and “good luck everyone”.

5. Write A Very Controversial Post

This is something that not a lot of people will be able to pull off without coming across as an idiot. If you write a controversial post then you will make it almost impossible for the reader to leave without leaving his thoughts.

Be prepared to get some heated replies though and it isn’t something I’d recommend if you want to bond with your readers.

Have you found a way to attract comments that I have not listed? Why not leave a comment and let us know what they are?

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