5 SEO Tips for Bing

You have possibly heard from numerous sources across the Internet that Yahoo and Microsoft officially agreed on a search deal that’ll alter the landscape of this field and significantly affect the duties of most SEOs. Here’s a list of SEO tips on how to get ready for the Yahoo/Bing merge:

1) Continuously Concentrate upon Google

There has been lots of hype concerning Yahoo and Bing over the last few weeks, yet Google remains the king of all search engines. Bing and Yahoo account for around 28% of the searches.

2) Act upon Yahoo Searching Services – or Say Goodbye

With Bing replacing Yahoo’s searching algorithm, most of Yahoo’s services will be up within the air involving these:

  • Link source, Yahoo Directory
  • Link data, Yahoo Site Explorer
  • Platform for searching apps, BOSS and Yahoo Search Monkey
  • Pay into Yahoo organic listings, Yahoo Paid Inclusion
  • Replaced by Bing Local?, Yahoo Maps
  • Yahoo People Search, in case you want to find more about this, see this free people search article

Whether the services are up as Yahoo Search will be replaced by Bing will be yet to become determined. If you wish to take advantages of these features, it might be now or never.

3) Do Competitive Link Research Prior to it Being Too Late

One important Yahoo feature that is relied on by most SEOs and webmasters will be the Yahoo Site Explorer. This tool provides the ideal link information out of all search engines and is utilized for competitive intelligence.

If Yahoo discontinued this tool, the link building strategies might change dramatically. Though set up websites will gain from absence of public link information, newer websites will discover it difficult to copy competitor links. Absence of public link information encourages webmasters to purchase links due to them being easily done underneath the radar.

4) Optimize for Bing

As Bing starts to power Yahoo searches, Yahoo/Bing controls around 25% to 30% of searches. This represents huge quantities of traffic you mustn’t take lightly. The Bing algorithm is going to alter as Yahoo technology will be incorporated, yet you could now still optimize for Bing by following these tips:

  • Get exact match domains as probable. Bing and Google provide bonuses to websites that have domains which match exactly search query.
  • Sign up with Bing Webmaster Tools. This tool provides data and insights on how Bing looks at your website, helping you to optimize accordingly.
  • Optimize digital assets. Search results within Bing will be rich and integrate more maps, videos and images than Google. For more visibility, try to get yours listed.
  • Be on the lookout for loopholes to take advantage of. As Bing gains within search market share, you could predict more spam within the results.

5) Build SEO for Future

With only two major searching engines within this game, it will be more difficult for newer websites to increase within rankings and set themselves up without a huge ad budget. Barriers to entry within the Internet scene will be becoming larger each year and Search Engine Optimization will be getting more difficult for newer websites. So, what’re you waiting for?

What do you think?

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