5 Reasons Your Blog Might Not Be Making You Decent Money

There can be many reasons why your blog isn’t making the kind of money that you expected it to. And nothing can be more frustrating than looking at other blogs and seeing them make money hand over fist, especially when they look rubbish compared to your awesome blog.

I have come up with five reasons why your blog might not be making money. These are by no means every possible reason, and I encourage you to drop me a comment with any not listed here.

1. You’re Using A Free Blog Host

Lots of people use free blog hosts (Blogger, wordpress.com, etc) because it is free and saves them buying hosting. This makes sense but they are also incredibly limited to what they can do to their blogs and how they can make them look.

I make the majority of my income from sponsored posts and more and more networks are refusing to work with free blog hosts these days

2. You’re Using A Free Domain

Believe it or not there are quite a lot of people who still use free domain names instead of going out and buying a proper .com, .net, .co.uk or .info domain name. When I say ‘free domain name’ I am of course referring to the .cjb.net & .co.nr ones knocking about.

No company is going to want to give you any money to advertise on your blog if you are not using a proper domain name. $10 a year well spent.

3. You Are Writing About Topics You Don’t Care About

It is no good writing about a topic just because AdSense once paid someone $10 for a click on their site. In my experience these big clicks come along very rarely. It is much better to write about topics you are interested in, because the chances of you losing interest are lessened.

4. The Affiliate Links You’re Trying To Push Are Not Related To The Content Of Your Blog

This happens more than you would think. If you write a blog about music then you should be pushing affiliate products about music, you should not push affiliates about something unrelated like acne medication or car parts.

5. You Are Not Paying Enough Attention To Your Blog

Inconsistent posting on your blog can be one of the biggest killers. If you go weeks or months without posting then do not be too shocked to discover that people are not checking out your blog as often as they used to. Your visitors want to see fresh content not the same article they read two months ago.

As I said earlier this is simply a small list of reasons, feel free to leave a comment with others you have come up with.

Image by Horst Tinnes from Pixabay

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