5 Networks I use To Make Money On Twitter

Over the past three days I have written articles about networks I use to make money displaying adverts and posting sponsored blog posts on my blog. I thought I would end this with a final article about five networks I use to make money by posting sponsored tweets on Twitter.

I stumbled across this by accident one day. I was wondering if it was possible to make money from Twitter if you don’t have (or want) a product to sell. After a bit of searching I found the wonderful word of sponsored tweeting.

1. Magpie

Despite it being my favourite network, I will be the first to admit that the awful colour scheme and layout is probably stopping it gaining more fans. The amount you are paid depends on how big your follower list is and you have to post at last 5 normal tweets before they will find you a sponsored one. At 3,000 followers I get around $2.15 per tweet.

They are very quick to suspend accounts (and do not tell you until you try and login) if you do not keep an eye on the amount of auto tweets you make. That means other sponsored networks, Twitterfeed and any scripts that auto tweets for you.

2. Sponsored Tweets

Seen as the major player and it really should not surprise anyone because they are owned by Izea, the same company that operates PayPerPost. This is the one that all the big bloggers are promoting and receiving $1,000 a time per tweet.

3. Twivert

This works a little differently from the first two. You do not get paid for posting a tweet, you are only paid for every click the tweet receives. So basically the Adsense or Adbrite of sponsored tweeting. You are paid about $0.01 per click.

4. Ad.Ly

Sounds more like a name you would associate with a link shortening web site rather than a sponsored tweet network. This one may not be as big as the other four but they are a lot more picky about who they let in, the premium version of the networks.

5. RevTwt

This network is the reason you saw so many teeth whitening and weight loss diet tweets on Twitter a couple of months ago. Again they only pay if someone clicks on a link in the tweet and they only pay if the click is from a certain country, mostly from the States.

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