4 Ways To Regenerate Old Content

Every now and again, when I’m looking through my old blog articles, I come across one that was either really popular or was very informative and helpful to many people. Months after it was published it is still being visited and comments on by people.

I have an article that I posted over 2 years ago that is still being used today, despite the fact that some of the information on it is outdated now. It sort of makes me wish that I could re-post these popular articles again.

Don’t try and tell me the same thought has never crossed your mind. :o )

There are ways that this can be done. I’m not talking about copying and pasting the same article into another post either. Below I have given you four quick ways to turn your old posts into nice shiny new ones and get some more traffic.

1. Post To Ezinearticles

This is something that can help bring in a lot of traffic as articles on sites like Ezinearticles rank very highly in the top search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bling. It takes little to no effort as well.

Simply give the post a quick rewrite (to avoid you becoming penalised by Google), give it a flashy new title and don’t forget to include a link back to your blog in the byline.

There is another benefit using this method: Many people use articles form sites like Ezinearticles to fill up their own blogs so you will get extra traffic this way as well as the link in the byline is mostly always left there.

2. Send It Through Your Mailing List

Do you have a newsletter? Every blog that is serious about making money should have some sort of mailing list set up.

Rewrite one of your old posts and then send it exclusively to your mailing list subscribers as a bonus post for them subscribing to your mailing list. You can also leave links at the bottom to other old posts if you wish.

3. Send It In Tweets

We all know how fast Twitter has grown over the past year or so and it makes sense to try and use it to gain extra traffic to your blog. Find an old article, cut it up into 140 character chunks and then publish them on your Twitter account.

Simple but very effective.

4. Turn It into a downloadable Report

If you have been blogging about your chosen niche for a while then the chances are that you will have collected a number of very informative and helpful articles over the past year or two.

You can gather up a collection of them and compile a downloadable report which you can give away for free or sell for a small fee.

Personally I would offer it in exchange for joining your mailing list or RSS feed. If you make it easy for people to get hold of your report then more people will download and read it.

Do you use other methods? Why not share them via the comments section below?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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