4 Pages Every Blog Should Have

When it comes to blogging it isn’t all about the post content (although it should be roughly 90% about that), you should also be paying careful attention to the pages that you have on your blog.

When I was writing this article I was thinking about which pages would be considered as the most important ones to have on a blog. I managed to come up with four pages which I believe should be the foundation pages of every blog.

1. About Me Page

Every month when I go over my traffic stats in Google Analytics I discover that my most visited page, behind the main page, is my About Me page. More people visit my blog via that page than any post I have ever written.

This is the page where your readers find out about you. It is the place where you should be introducing yourself to your reader and explaining what the blog is all about. Some may also include pictures and videos to make it a bit more personal.

2. Contact Me Page

The days of simply slapping your email address in the sidebar have long gone people. These days it is absolutely vital that you have a contact page, with a form on it, for your readers to contact you.

Having a contact page means that you are making it easier for your reader to contact you (they don’t have to copy and paste the email into their email client, readers can be rather lazy) and you can add some information on how long it will take you to reply and which kind of emails you’ll reply to.

Sadly spammers are happy to abuse the contact form so I’d advice using one that integrates Akismet into it.

3. Disclosure Page

If you have content on your blog that someone has paid you to write then you should really have a disclosure page. I write a fair few sponsored posts on my blog and I have to make sure I have a disclosure page up as it is now an FTC requirement.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy (you can copy mine if you like), it just has to say that you receive money in return for writing certain content on your blog.

4. Privacy Policy Page

Some of you might be wondering why I have mentioned a disclosure page and a privacy policy page as separate pages, surely they are the same thing? No, they are very different and in truth a privacy policy is even more important.

What it does is it outlines what you collect from your reader when they visit your blog and what you do with this information. Do you log IP addresses? Do any of the ads store cookies on reader’s computers? What do you do with a reader’s email address? Stuff like that should be written on your privacy policy.

What About You?

Do you agree with this? Which four pages would you say were the most important for any blog? Feel free to drop your answers via a comment below.

Image by Sophie Janotta from Pixabay

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