4 Good Reasons To Leave Your URL When Commenting

As somebody who encourages comments on my blogs I have noticed that there are quite a few people who leave comments but do not leave a link to their web site or blog. I really believe that this is a major mistake to make.

It is not a required field to leave a comment, but by not entering your web site or blog you really are missing out on a bit of free publicity and exposure.

Below I have quickly listed four reason why you should leave a link next time you drop a comment.

1. You Gain A Backlink To Your Blog Or Site

This is the most important reason for dropping a link in my opinion. If the blog you are commenting on is do-follow then every link you leave counts as a backlink and the more backlinks you have then the more Google will value your site when it comes to Page Rank.

2. You Might Gain Traffic From Other Commentators

People are always looking for new sites and blogs to check out. If you drop your link then there is a good chance people will check out your site and you will gain more traffic, and hopefully repeat traffic if your content is good.

3. Blog You’re Commenting On Might Have CommentLuv, Extra Exposure!

My favourite blogs to comment on are ones that use a plugin called CommentLuv, this is because it shows the title and link to my last post at the bottom of my comment. So I get two links for a comment …. although only one will be counted as a backlink, it means even more chance of people checking out my blog.

4. It Helps Prove You’re Not A Bot

One of the biggest problems with the comments section of a blog, for the admin, is weeding out the spam comments left by people and bots. Some of them are incredibly crafty these days. I always check the links because if I come across a comment by someone called Outer Banks foreclosures then I’ll check the link to make double sure if it is dodgy or not.

Do you have any more reasons why you should leave a link when commenting? If you do, or if you disagree with my four, then why not drop a comment …. not forgetting to include your link. :)

Image by isuru prabath from Pixabay

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