4 Android Apps That Pay You Money

Lets be honest, we have all wondered if we can make money using our mobile phones, if you have tried your hand at making money online then you might have thought about this the day you unwrapped your phone.

Well wonder no more because it is something that you can do. There are actually quite a few apps on the market that offer rewards such as cash or Google Play points. Today we will discuss four Android apps that you can use to make money.

We will only be covering apps that pay you in cash as I think most of us would rather this than Google Play points.

iPhone users do not fret, there will be a post for iPhone users down the road.


Do you like to exercise and watch your calorie intake? Then Pact might be the perfect app for you. You set yourself goals and you will be rewarded with money if you manage to achieve your goals in time. But beware, if you don’t achieve your goals then you will have to PAY.

Not an app for the lazy!

Earn Money

Earn Money will pay you for downloading apps onto your phone, watching videos and completing surveys. The pay isn’t great (just like other sites of this ilk), but if you have time to devote to it then you can make it work.


Do you like taking pictures on your phone while you are out and about? Scoopshot have clients who will pay you if you can take decent pictures of events going on in your area. Their clients are newspapers and websites so the quality of the images has to be of a high standard.


WHAFF is an app that pays you for installing games and playing them every day! Sounds like a sweet deal to me, earning money while playing my favourite games. They offer both Google Play points and the ability to cash out via PayPal.

This is only a small list of the apps that are available. Have you tried these? Maybe you have found better ones? Lets us know.

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