3 Ways I Make Money With This Blog

I have never been the kind of guy who likes to place all of his eggs into one basket, I don’t like to have to rely on one method to make money. Lots of people do make huge incomes by using just one method but that has never been for me, I like to cover my bases.

That is why on this blog you will notice that I try to make money via as many methods as is possible. Whether it be banner ads, sponsored posts, selling unwanted link space or even affiliate marketing.

Banner Ads

The method that most people use to make an income online from their blogs. It doesn’t matter if it is CPM ad networks, like Smowtion or AdsDaq, or CPC ad networks, like Adsense and Adbrite.

A lot of people prefer this method because you don’t have to do anything apart from drive traffic to your blog. Maybe this is the reason so many people fail at earning from them? It needs more work just slapping them on your blogging and pumping traffic to your blog, doesn’t matter if you send 10,000 a day to your blo if nobody cares about your subject matter.

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Sell Link Space

This was something that I had used for several years before being kicked out of the major network for nothing. It brought in a nice regular income month after month. A network will sell ad space for you and take a small percentage. This is great if you don’t have time to look for advertisers.

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Sponsored Posts

I love sponsored posts, I often say “where would I be without sponsored posts?” The answer is “a hell of a lot poorer.” I earn roughly 95% of my income from them every single month. They are so easy to earn with as well.

You simply write a post on your blog and insert the selected links the advertiser requests. That is it. How easy is that? And because the advertisers want you to hide that it is a paid review, you can make it look like just another blog post on your blog.

The only downside is that a lot of the time they might be about commercial pumps, rehab centres, or something else you have no interest in.

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Obviously I have not included Affiliate marketing because have yet to start trying that. Do you try any methods that you’d like to share with my readers? Drop us a comment. :)

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