3 Tips To Increase Adsense Clicks

I have been using Google Adsense on my blogs and web sites for the past three or four years now, it is normally one of the first things I insert into my design when I launch a new blog or web site. At times it has even become slightly more important to me than the actual content.

If you type something like ‘increase Google Adsense Clicks’ into a search engine you will be confronted by millions of pages which promise to offer you secrets that many people will not have heard of. A lot of what you will find will not make a blind bit of good in helping achieve your goal.

But in amongst the rubbish bits of advice you will find one or two little gems. Gems that could help increase the amount of clicks you receive form your visitors.

1. Combine Colours With Blog Colours – I have found that by making the colours on the Adsense banner the same as the colours on your blog you blend the ad into your blog and they do not look like typical default adverts.

These days you can even change the text font of the ads as well to make them blend into your blog even better.

2. Pick The Right Ad Unit – Picking the right ad unit for the right place on your blog is very important. Not sure if many are aware of this but some ad units give off better results than others. I’ve found 728×90, 350×250 and 160×600 to be the best working ones for me.

Not only is picking the right ad unit important but deciding where to put them is even more important. The general rule of thumb is that you want to place you Adsense ads above the fold of your blog. That means they should be placed in the top half of your blog.

3. Keep Your Theme Clean – This may not sound like good advice but if you keep your theme and blog nice and clean then you will find more people visiting your blog and therefore more people will probably click on your ads.

If you have used a tip, that isn’t listed here, and found it has worked for you then why not leave a comment and let us know what it was?

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