Monthly Archives: October 2014

Getting Out of Debt

Economists keep telling us we’re in a recovery, but if you’re like millions of other people in the UK it is possible that you have yet to really feel the effects of that recovery. Maybe you feel that your own personal “economy” is in dire need of improvement, perhaps because you are overcome with debt. A little bit of debt …

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Haggling Can Save You Lots of Money

Many people have been brought up to believe that haggling – outside of a jumble sale or bazaar – is either the sign of an impolite person or a tightwad. But if you do it properly there’s nothing impolite about haggling, even at the snootiest high street store. And what’s wrong with being a bit of a tightwad? The economic …

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September 2014 Blog Income Report

Every month since November 2007 I have written an income report which documents all the methods I have used to make money over the past month, I do this because I want to help people to make money online like I do, and believe that showing people what I earn is the best way to get them interested and inspired …

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