Monthly Archives: January 2008

Spread Your Blog With Ping Sites

When you write a new post there is an option on your admin panel (Admin -> Options -> Writing -> Update Services) where you can enter ping sites who will be notified when you make a post and will list your post on blog directories on the internet. I came across a list of ping sites, I have not checked …

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AGLOCO – Dead In The Water

It became quite blatant that something was very wrong when AGLOCO did not renew their SSL certificate which is actually not a very expensive thing to do and is an absolute necessity for a company offering money on the internet. John Chow also thought something was a bit fishy because he took the time and effort to contact the owner of …

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December 2007 Blog Income Report

Well it is the first day of a new month (and a new year!) and that can mean only one thing when it comes to blogs designed to make money on the internet … it is time to announce how much money I earned last month. Apparently December is a poor month to earn money online if you are not …

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