2 Ways To Make Money Writing Book Reviews

Many of us enjoy reading books in their physical form or on a kindle or ebook reader. It is one of life’s great pleasures that can be done in lots of different situations and destinations. Going on holiday? Take a book. Waiting in hospital for a procedure? Whip out your Kindle.

You may not be aware that it is actually possible to make money from this. Many authors and publishing houses are searching for people to write book reviews for them to be published on sites such as Amazon, Google Books and KOBO.

You don’t need much to get going, you only need a decent grasp of the English language – they even supply you with the books for free.

Below you will find two sites that are currently on the lookout for people to join them to review books:

Online Book Club

This particular site has been around for over a decade and has generated a good reputation for itself in that time. The reason they have such a good reputation is because they insist on vetting their reviewers first. When you sign up they will send you a book for you to review for free as a test, if you pass then you will be eligible to apply for the paid reviews.

Paid reviews range from between $5-$60 and you are encouraged to give an honest review of the book, if you hate it then you are free to say exactly that.

Sign Up For Online Book Club

Readers’ Favorite

Reader’s Favourite claim on their site that they have ‘over two thousand books to choose from at any time’, which is a bold statement to make. I have no idea if this is true as my sample review wasn’t good enough to make the cut.

Again this is a site that has been around for over a decade and they work with both big publishers and independent authors. They don’t mention how much you will be paid, only that they ‘pay a small amount for each review and a little more for Express reviews’ that can turn into a tidy little sum over the weeks and months.

There is a monthly $100 prize draw that you will be entered into if you review a book that month.

Sign Up For Readers’ Favorite

While there are more book review sites around, it was these two that I found a lot of praise for online. If you’re part of any then please feel free to list them in the comments section.

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