16 Sites to Earn Money Writing Blog Posts

Do you own a blog? Wouldn’t it be neat if you could earn money by just writing blogs posts on it? If you are a new visitor to this blog then it might surprise you to know that I have been making money writing blogs posts on this blog since 2007.

Sponsored posts (also known as pay to blog sites) might not be as popular as they were a couple of years ago but they are still popular enough to help a lot of us make some very good money each and every month.

Below are sixteen of the networks that I am using right now, I have been paid from most of them so you can be safe in the knowledge that they are not scam sites.

Update: Most of these have now closed, or no longer pay, so I have removed the links to them.

Blogging Ads

If you have a high quality blog, and can keep your Alexa ranking under 1,000,000, then you might want to check out this network. Beware though they do have very high standards and are very picky about what blogs they accept but their advertisers are flexible about editing the anchor text.


Blogitive is potentially simple, write a review of about 150 words and be paid $5.00 but the problem is there are very few reviews and some of the advertisers drag their heels when approving reviews. I’ve had to remove several because some of their clients have become unwilling to pay. Worth having as a side option.


Blogvertise work a little bit differently from the other blog review networks in that they contact you with offers. This is another network where the prices between PR are vast; a PR 2 will get $9-$20 a review. They also send out a newsletter with tips on how to get more offers.

Buy Blog Reviews

I have applied for over 4,000 opportunities and have been accepted for only a handful of them. The marketplace is flooded with $1-$3 offers; this is a good network if you are happy to lower your prices.


This is run by the same company (Izea) who run PayPerPost, in fact they use the old version that PayPerPost once used before moving to their current version. Offers on this are VERY low (starting at $0.50 and rarely going higher than $2.00, might be worth checking out if you don’t mind low paying offers.

Link From Blog

It may have a really horrible design but they offer a good array of opportunities from a wide spectrum of topics. Opps can range from the ludicrous $0.10 right up to the more luxurious $50.00 per article.

Link Vehicle

A new network that I have been using for a couple of months, they sell reviews for you and they take a cut of 50%, they offer a discount if an advertiser orders more than one review from other blogs so your price could drop by a couple of Dollars.


Linkworth are a sort of jack of all trades. They offer blog review offers, inline ads, banner advertising, text link ads, and lots more. If you have a PR0 blog then you might not get many offers. They pay out once you hit $30.00


They have recently had a BIG makeover and I am now unsure if they have changed their business model.

To earn anything from Loudlaunch you have to be very quick off the mark because the reviews are snapped up in minutes and you can’t reserve them like other networks, you have to write them and hope you have not been beaten to it! A basic review price is about $10.00-$12.00.


Once the mecca for all bloggers wanting to make money via writing sponsored posts, these days they have fallen down the list quite a bit, but they still provide a good number of opportunities


This is one of my favourite networks as the reviews are very frequent. Each one is about $5.00 but if your PR is higher I guess you will get more. You also get the odd $10.00 and $20.00 reviews. Each review is about 60 words with just one link needed.

Post Genius

This is run by the same people who run Backlink Genius, I have only received one offer from them, but I didn’t think it was right for me. Backlink Genius pay out so I don’t think there is any worry from this sister site paying out.


I’ve been with ReviewMe since 2007, although you would not think that when I tell you I have only earnt $77.50 with them. This is because to earn anything significant you have to be approved to their premium market place. This is to weed out the spammy blogs which I think is a good idea.


Another network run by Izea (they are busy people aren’t they?), their format has changed since it first came on the scene and they seem to have abandoned their PPC side entirely. They deal in points (1 point equal 1 Cent) which is a novelty.

Sponsored Reviews

Whilst most see PayPerPost as the mecca of bloggers wishing to earn money writing review, I choose to worship Sponsored Reviews. I have earned the second highest amount with them – after PayU2Blog. Reviews are not all about finance & Viagra and start off at $5.00 and can go up as high as $100+. They also pay every 14 days. They do take half your income though.

Zync (Spanish)

If you can speak Spanish then how about the only blog review network written in Spanish? The review can be written in English if you wish, it basically works like ReviewMe but without the market place. They pay monthly and I have had 4 reviews accepted by them, all Spanish holidays though.

Are you earning money from networks that I have not mentioned above? I am always looking to explore new sites so please feel free to leave a comment about them below.

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